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The range of lollies to purchase here is phenomenal. Large range of confectionery from jelly lollies, chock drops, chocolate licorice, chock bullets, sherbet, nuts, snakes, you name it they got it. They sell in 500 grams and 1000 grams packs. From time to time there is clearance lines that companies clear through here. Always a great delight.

Richmond Tigers

Been coming here for years. Massive range of sweets at great prices.
Today, my car broke down outside their shop. Had to wait for RACV and then tow truck. One of the workers came out and gave me a box of chocolates, just because they could see I was having a crappy day! What great people.

Hanna Silver

Great staff to deal with and are very helpful and polite.They have a good and deverse range of lollies,nuts and dried fruit products

Ian Isaacs

One of my favourites , best and great value , wide variety
Love it :)
Highly recommend


Great confectionery range with cheap prices

Clare Menzies

Buy Wholesale Lollies in Melbourne, Australia

If you’re looking for the best wholesale drinks, wholesale chocolates and wholesale lollies in Melbourne, check out the range available at Horse Torque & Lollies. We stock an impressive selection of lollies and chocolates from Melbourne and across the world, including popular options from America and the UK. Whether you’re looking for products to sell in a retail store or you simply want to stock up on your favourites, we have no shortage of sweet treats to choose from. As trusted bulk lolly suppliers and bulk chocolate suppliers, you can rely on us to provide the best range at affordable wholesale prices.

Discover Our Range of Lollies & Chocolates

At Horse Torque & Lollies, we pride ourselves on offering a huge range of lollies and chocolates to satisfy even the biggest of sweet tooths. Our available categories include:

  • Lollies- As one of the best lolly suppliers in the country, we stock almost any type of lolly you can think of! Whether you’re looking for a particular type or you want to buy a selection of lollies to create a lolly bar, we have you covered.
  • Chocolates- From chocolate blocks and chocolate bars through to chocolate gift boxes, our range of chocolates is second to none. We also offer personalised chocolate that’s suitable for gifting as well as promotional chocolate that can help boost brand awareness.
  • Drinks - We stock soft drinks and fizzy drinks from Melbourne and around the world, with a wide range of brands and unique flavours available to choose from.
  • Wholesale American lollies- Looking to buy USA confectionery wholesale? We stock a selection of popular American lollies and chocolates to help you get your fix.
  • English and British chocolate and lollies- Explore our range of chocolates and lollies from the UK to discover popular favourites that can be hard to find in Melbourne.

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Are you wondering “where can I get affordable lollies and chocolates near me?” As trusted bulk lolly and wholesale chocolate suppliers in Melbourne, Horse Torque & Lollies is the best destination when you want to buy lollies, chocolates, soft drinks and other sweet treats. Shop online today to get what you need, or drop into our store at Noble Park (physical location). You can also get in touch with us to learn more before you place your order.